Green Walls

Green walls are an innovative way of gardening both vertically and horizontally. They are not only an eye-catching addition to any London garden, but are easy to install and very low maintenance. Living walls can be comprised of a variety of planting from herbaceous perennials, evergreens, herbs, ferns or grasses, for example. Irrigation systems installed within the walls make them hassle free too.

Green walls are created by planting up a lightweight structure which is then affixed to an existing wall. By using different planting and colour variations in the walls, you can create striking patterns and designs which add a fantastic new dimension to any garden design project. Whether you have a dreary grey wall which needs disguising or a tired building in need of a lift, then green walls provide a great gardening solution as they are visually stimulating, versatile and add colour from both inside and out.

If you have a small garden then green walls are particularly useful as they make efficient use of vertical surface areas so that you don’t have to compromise on greenery. They also improve the quality of the air in an urban environment, acting as a natural air filter. They certainly provide an exotic and imaginative alternative to window boxes and planters when space is at a premium. Another advantage of installing a living wall is that it will encourage wildlife into your garden and you can put bird boxes into them to tempt airborne visitors.

  • Project: Green Walls
  • Location: London, Chelsea, Fulham, Mayfair, Kensington, Portobello, Kew, Notting Hill, Belgravia
  • Team: Garden Design Team, Build Team