Garden Irrigation

Good garden irrigation is essential to keep plants healthy and lawns looking lush, so efficient watering will ensure you preserve plant life and keep your garden at its most aesthetically pleasing.

At Cameron Landscapes and Gardens we can install a state-of-the-art automatic garden irrigation system to keep plants and lawns watered so that your garden effectively looks after itself during the drier months.

The garden irrigation systems are computer controlled so they can be programmed to operate at night which minimises water loss through evaporation and reduces disturbance to those enjoying the garden.

Our experienced garden maintenance teams will monitor the systems to deliver the optimum amount of water, avoiding the wastage associated with conventional watering. An irrigation system also takes the worry out of leaving your garden when you are away and ensures that you return to a verdant oasis.

We specify, install and maintain all types of irrigation systems for lawns, garden beds and window boxes. Systems are installed in an unobtrusive style, are almost invisible to the naked eye and can be tailored to meet your budget.

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