Window Boxes & Planters

Nothing shows off the façade of a house better than gorgeous, resplendent window boxes or planters – they add depth, colour and interest to an outside space even on the gloomiest of days. Planting can be imaginative and eye-catching or more formal with ferns and grasses.

But whether you choose to plant up a vibrant window box or something more quirky in a planter, the joy is that you can vary the vista according to the season. They can also provide glorious scent and encourage wildlife too.

At Cameron Landscapes and Gardens, we have perfected the art of fabulous window boxes. We will advise you on exciting colour schemes, plant varieties and planting combinations. And we will ensure that you have chosen your annuals in good time for our teams to plant them so as to get full enjoyment throughout the season.

Also if you are away on holiday or simply too busy, then our specialist garden maintenance teams will come and tend your window boxes and planters so that you always get a colourful welcome on your return home.


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