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At Cameron Gardens we love to create gardens which exude individuality and atmosphere, gardens which are beautiful to behold, yet comfortable to live in. We offer a fully integrated country garden design service with one common ambition in mind – to work collaboratively with you to bring alive your dreams and create an outside space which fits with your house, the surrounding vistas, your lifestyle and your requirements. We ensure every design is completely bespoke and unique.
When we design a country garden we are always mindful of the connection between the architecture and the surrounding landscape so that one compliments the other. Be it a formal garden, a kitchen garden, a folly, a prairie garden, we are committed to making sure each project is dealt with sympathetically, creatively and always with a fastidious eye for detail.
We like our gardens to work perfectly for our clients – both aesthetically and practically. And we don’t believe in overcomplicating things – sometimes simplicity is key to producing the most stunning end result.


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Our approach to designing a beautiful country garden that makes the heart sing, is to listen intently to our clients – how they envisage their outside space looking and what the requirements of the garden regarding their lifestyle are. We will then interpret our clients’ wishes to create a fully bespoke design which brings the concept to life.

In designing country gardens, Cameron Gardens uses both tried and tested landscape design methods, along with more contemporary design twists. We are meticulous in our research to ensure that the design proposal is the right fit for the property. We engender harmony between home and garden and like to create focal points from the house, reflect the architecture in the garden, or borrow from the wider landscape.

Every stage of the design process is communicated back to the client so that they always feel listened to, but we take care of running the project smoothly, efficiently and to schedule, so that the process is enjoyable not stressful.


The key to our long-running success in project management is our innate understanding of exactly what it takes to get things right for a project to run smoothly – and this comes with over 25 years of experience. We will manage your garden build from scratch through to completion and ensure that the integrity of the design plan is adhered to at all times. Our satisfaction lies in the smooth transformation of a ‘blank page’ into something beautiful and timeless.

We have a huge knowledge of how to effectively run every stage of a project and our considerable experience allows us to anticipate potential problems before they impact on the running of the job. We will sort out any planning issues that arise; we source and recommend reliable sub-contractors; we manage budgets, quality control and work to true and realistic deadlines. Regular on-site meetings with contractors and clients ensure that the channels of communication are always kept open which is of paramount importance to us.

Over the years we have built up a countrywide network of respected specialists from architects, to garden suppliers, water feature and lighting experts. We value these relationships as they ensure that our clients can expect the best service possible.