180 House, Strand

Situated on the ninth floor, the stunning rooftop pool, terraces and restaurant have ‘wow’ factor in spades with the most incredible views across the Thames and some of London’s most iconic landmarks.

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Swimming pool terrace

The swimming pool terrace has a striking multi-stemmed ilex tree mounted on a platform as a focal point. Seasonal ornamental trees and large topiary spheres dotted about the terrace make this a private and atmospheric area to relax in. Trough planting hugs the perimeter and the hues of blue and silver from the soft evergreens and herbaceous specimens reflect the cooling tones of the water.

Garden design scheme

The design scheme for the terraces incorporates a thread of sculptural evergreen planting throughout to create a wave of textures, tones, form and to provide year-round interest. To accentuate the views, the restaurant terrace uses blocks of grasses to frame the vistas and to provide movement. The restaurant itself houses impressive Bucida trees which are in keeping with the grand proportions of the architecture.

Designing the entrance and foyer

Two lush, dense tropical trees give a warm welcome at the lobby entrance and promise what members come here for – a private, relaxing and revitalising experience.

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