This iconic London club based in the Georgian splendour of 46 Berkley Square boasts one of the most breath-taking private terrace gardens in London. Its dramatic, evergreen backbone is complemented by multi-level pots of vibrant, eye-catching seasonal planting and unusual plant and pot combinations. With trees in giant pots under planted with colour and soothing green walls, the effect is not dissimilar to being in a verdant woodland glade, sheltered from the stresses of city life.

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The terrace has been designed to reflect the glamour and elegance of Annabel’s, while complementing the fabulous Palladian architecture and supporting the opulent interior. It’s bursting with personality, yet it retains a sense of intimacy and sophistication. The cleverly designed retractable roof allows for an effortless transformation from day to evening, while the planting is quite sensational by night with evocative lighting creating an enchanting atmosphere. Indeed the planting internally throughout the club is rare and unique – rather like the club itself.

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