Broadwick Soho

Broadwick Soho

Broadwick Soho is as fabulously flamboyant as it is comfortable and elegant. This independent luxury hotel, a 57-room retreat, draws from the eclectic and diverse history of Soho in its interior design themes, underpinned with old school glamour. Cameron’s designs reflect the dynamism, fun and frivolity of the interiors. The innovative melange of mixed- height statement trees at the entrance, under planted with frothy seasonal plants, welcomes guests to luxuriate in this unique Soho vibe. 

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Bar Jackie

This all-day, street-level café, bar and terrace is all about conviviality and joy with its vibrantly decorated bar and sumptuous interior. Bespoke rich, Mediterranean coloured pots housing dome-like topiary bounce interesting shapes around the space and impactful multi-stem trees frame the façade. The perimeter pots with colourful seasonal bedding plants provide a warm embrace from the outside world and allow people to get on with the business of having a good time.

Rooftop dining bar

Holding court on the seventh floor, this flamboyantly decorated – think cork walls, animal-print upholstery, mirrored ceilings – rooftop dining bar with wraparound terrace affords wonderful views over the streets of Soho and skyline beyond. The planting, like the interior design, is playful yet sophisticated with beautiful, striking perennials against a backbone of multi-stems with a hint of the exotic (agave tree). The Cameron commissioned vibrant pot palette adds to the colour and vivacity of this warm, inviting space – a magnet for a celebratory cocktail when the sun’s over the yardarm!

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