Chelsea Garden

This attractive property located in the enviable address of Chelsea Square has two outside areas – a front terrace and a roof terrace – which Cameron will transform to maximise potential both aesthetically and for functionality.

The terrace garden

The terrace to the front will have a beautiful eclectic collection of aged stone planters and Italian terracotta planters with feature evergreen planting and seasonal interest. In order to soften the look of the property Versailles planters with established climbers will be trained up the façade.

Roof terrace design

The roof terrace will be a prime spot for entertaining and spending time with friends and family. On accessing this long rectangular area, feature trees with multi-stemmed trunks catch the eye and create a sense of balance and unity with the planting at the opposite end of the terrace. A delightful pergola straddles the entertaining area where comfortable cushions on benches surround a classic marble table.

Climbers and trough planters

Large seasonal climbers in bronze tubs will be trained up and over the pergola making the area intimate and cosy. Surrounding trough planters will be filled with evergreen and herbaceous seasonal colour. Beautiful glass hanging pendants will enhance the atmosphere by night and make this an entrancing spot.

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