Cheshire Estate and Gardens

A lime tree avenue leads to the entrance of this impressive newly built property which has amazing views of the surrounding landscape. It is a sizeable estate which Cameron has sectioned into smaller areas for design purposes with a common theme to bind them. A chief purpose will be to develop a relationship between this beautiful house and its surroundings which is currently lacking.

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The West Garden

This space is currently laid to lawn and we would like to transform it into a stunning enclosed formal garden with water as a central feature. It will be an extension of the drawing room, making a stunning, sheltered space for relaxing with evening drinks. Interesting feature pots, seating and framed paths will entice people to wander around the garden.


For the south-facing terrace, we will extend the area to reflect the proportion of the house and create more space to turn this into an atmospheric dining area. Trees will add height and structure. We may lower the levels too so that the space would be more enclosed and sheltered to make it more user-friendly. Feature pots and beautiful sculpture pieces will add to the aesthetic and we will ensure that all views can be appreciated from inside.

Main Lawn

The main lawn is accessed via the kitchen living room and we would like to create a formal lawn with a beautiful border.  By introducing an herbaceous border we will bring attractive, colourful planting to the scene and pleached trees will train the eye towards the wider landscape. In order to open up the views, we will look to remove the woodland area. The addition of a central rill or sculpture would also add a focal point of interest from within.

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