Devon Family Garden

This stylish, Grade II-listed property, surrounded by stunning Devon countryside, has substantial gardens and land. Cameron Gardens was enlisted to improve several aspects of the landscape design. Having noted that the property is currently disengaged from the landscape, Cameron created a more coherent design plan to link the property to its wider environs.

Firstly by widening the driveway and lining it with a collection of trees, the drive will have a greater sense of gravitas. The existing ha-ha will remain however the layout linking the line of the ha-ha to the line of the driveway will be re-designed.

The front terrace will be extended for better purpose and designed to engage better with the landscape. The existing paving will be replaced with a reclaimed York stone to match the high-end finish within the property. The taxus beehives look wonderful but will be relocated in order to draw the eye out towards the views.

The west terrace – currently a wasted space – will be transformed into an extension of the drawing room. The terrace will be dressed with collections of free-standing pots and plants and will be a lovely spot for entertaining and relaxing in on warm summer days. On the west of the lawn we would like to introduce a hornbeam hedge to separate this area from the front as well as adding interest and framing the views out to the pastureland.

A small sheltered terrace next to the walled garden is secluded, cosy and private. With an abundance of pretty pots, the terrace will have a large dining table and chairs making it a perfect spot for al fresco dining. The walled garden is a fantastic area to be used for parties and has an existing lawn, however we will build in a pathway around the perimeter and introduce a cutting bed.

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