Kensington Family Garden

This Kensington property is undergoing a complete renovation – including a basement excavation – and the resultant design will be open and airy, optimising the light afforded by the garden and promoting indoor/outdoor living. A large window will open out onto the back garden so that the view from inside is key.

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Back Garden

Our aim is to create a family friendly garden and provide a stylish outdoor room with a luxurious and comfortable finish which mirrors that of the house. By introducing different levels, yet working closely with the proposed architectural and interior design of the site, we would split the garden into different elements which add interest and purpose (for entertaining, for kids’ play). The planting will be low maintenance and while we will retain the existing acer tree, we will introduce feature trees and pots to break up the strong linear structure and provide beautiful and interesting focal points. Trellising and mature climbers along the boundary would add privacy too. The garden terrace, accessed via the kitchen/dining room with stairs leading from the main back garden, will be dressed with a collection of troughs and planters to link the two and draw the greenery towards the house.

Front Garden

The original layout of the front garden will be retained and the boundaries and soft planting will be planted up to create an element of privacy. The planting scheme will be evergreen which is easy to manage and remains verdant all year round. Pot planters and window boxes would soften the façade and add warmth, while larger trees add scale. The introduction of a bin store unit will keep the area clear with space for parking.

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