Mayfair Garden

The Courtyard

This lush and compact space exudes a lovely sense of privacy and seclusion, and a feeling of literally being enveloped by sumptuous and verdant planting. This effect is enhanced by a quite breathtaking ‘carpet’ of abundant climbers trained up the large expanse of wall at the rear of the house. The eye is drawn to the plinth raised, central Cherub water feature which sits in front of bespoke Crytal focal mirror which lends a reflective quality to the space and lightens the overall effect of the courtyard. A French Rouen antique pots on either side of the feature add balance and depth, while the comfortable seating and coffee tables provide an extension of the eclectic style and high finish of the interior space.

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Roof Terrace

Central to this breathtaking area, is a fabulous living wall with textual greens that create a tapestry of planting which has been designed to house the client’s impressive dragon sculpture.  It offers a wonderful focal point to the terrace.  Bespoke trough planters run along the edge of the roof and are planted with combinations of evergreen and trailing planting to reiterate the feeling of a city oasis.

Seamless design has been considered throughout, as such the storage space has been disguised behind panels set on a sliding mechanism for functionality and access.  Impressed into the design of the panels a large, framed screen for entertainment to complete the brief of the games room design. Ornamental multi-stemmed trees in free-standing pots bounce your eye around the terrace. Relaxed seating will in front of the wall will maximise enjoyment of this delightful area.

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