Notting Hill Family Garden

This splendid 18th century home positioned in the leafy streets of Notting Hill has a north-west facing garden and is undergoing a complete renovation. The design of the property aims to incorporate some of its original features, while the garden itself will be a blank canvas. Cameron will work closely with the client and architect to provide continuity between house and garden and transform it into something sensational.

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Front Garden

We will investigate reconfiguring the space and incorporating a curved sliding gate which would make the space more dynamic and usable. Reconditioning the existing granite setts and extending their design by matching them with a larger paved slab, creating a detail nearer to the house and side entrance, would unite the whole design. The boundary will be built up with planting for additional privacy, whilst a beautiful large multi-stem, possibly magnolia, would add appeal to the front. As an active family, a bespoke, yet unobtrusive, bike storage area would be a useful addition.

Rear Garden

This will be a space to enjoy as a family with relaxed dining and entertaining areas. Materials will reflect the architectural palette and other garden areas, unifying the whole. Generous planting will surround the entertaining area and multi-stem trees will be carefully placed through the terrace to create a more energetic space. The lawn will provide the framework for the garden while a combination of beautiful, scented roses will climb up the façade of the house and the back wall. The planting on the boundary walls will envelop the garden in a green curtain while the introduction of a beautiful apple tree will anchor and hold the space. We will explore the use of a water covered skylight to provide a dramatic focal feature and cast light into the spa below.


The design needs to allow the different levels of the garden to flow effortlessly from the lower terrace to the ground floor terrace for best aesthetic appeal and optimum usage. We would explore extending the middle section of the lower terrace to give the family a more generous living space. To create a ‘lighter’ effect for the terrace we would source light-stoned materials and use a fresh and lush planting palette to lift the space. Intelligent planting design will soften the terracing leading up to the ground floor terrace and a beautiful multi-stem tree will also be positioned to link to the composition of the trees above and create harmony between the two spaces.

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