Oxfordshire Garden

A beautiful country garden with an immaculate sweeping semi-circular drive which leads to the front of the house, bordered by multi-layered planting, grasses, hedges and trees, all designed to bring in and integrate with the surrounding landscape.

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To the rear of the house, the garden is a riot of colour in the summer with herbaceous beds brimming with seasonal planting which frame the lovely, inviting lawn. A small circular pond with floating waterlilies breaks up the green expanse and provides a central focal point. There are lots of points of interest embedded within the garden too, which is divided up into different zones, with terraces for relaxing on, winding cobbled paths, paving interspersed with pretty ground-level flowers and equine sculptures. A rose garden is screened with pleached apples under planted with Nepeta which provide gorgeous blossom and scent.

The garden achieves the perfect balance between a more formal structure and the unfettered growth of a rural landscape.

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