Park Street

With three areas to design at this elegant Mayfair address, Cameron is aiming to create beautiful extensions of the interior living spaces to promote indoor/outdoor living.  The courtyard garden will have a beautiful sculpture as a focal point, framed by tall planters of gorgeous evergreen jasmine climbers trained on to a delicate trellis design on the wall. A mirror behind the sculpture will project the feature further. Clusters of pots with varying heights and forms of planting, including a multi-stem tree, add softness and interest to the terrace.

Clad planters at either end of the ground floor terrace above, with both low structural planting and evergreen trailing climbers, will link the two terraces. Pleached trees and further evergreen planting will provide privacy and softness to the upper-level railings. Bespoke trough planters with colourful seasonal planting and climbers, along with three large multi-stemmed trees, will make this terrace highly attractive from inside.

The roof terrace will be an inviting and comfortable ‘outdoor’ room complete with a TV, day bed, lounge chairs and chess table. The interior and exterior are linked by clear glass doors and beautiful interior pots and plants. Grey textured stone paving provides further continuity and statement tree ferns at different heights bounce the eye around the space. A line of low planters above the trellis add another dimension of planting. A lovely lush green wall and a feature dragon sculpture on a floating shelf create further visual impact. The space will be transformed into a lush and intimate green ‘sitting room’ which will be in constant use.

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