This innovative tech company is looking to attract the best talent in the industry and wanted an office space unlike any of its competitors. Cameron was charged with the task of creating a biophilic environment using abundant greenery to promote a productive and healthy work space.

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Green Wall

In order to achieve this, we installed an amazing, large, living internal green wall at one end of the office (in partnership with Biotecture) with horticultural lighting for plant health. Between each bank of desks, we used a mixture of real and artificial planting which promotes an atmosphere of calm and mindfulness as opposed to stress.

Chilled spaces

Rich, tropical planting using different palettes and combinations has been installed to delineate zones such as the informal chill-out/meeting spaces. Integrated planters in bespoke joinery throughout the shared space and meeting rooms were woven into the scheme. Free standing pots throughout the office further dress the space. There’s an upstairs circular bar which has a striking Boston fern overhead which makes a fun space for socialising. The end result is a calming, restorative modern working space – a far cry from the stuffy, arid offices of days of yore.

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