Sky Forest, Mumbai

Sky Forest, Mumbai

Cameron Gardens has undertaken the landscape design of the ground floor entrance and the ninth floor gardens of this residential building. The ethos behind the design is to capture the essence of the Sky Forest development and enhance the unique characteristics of living architecture.

An Atmosphere of Serenity

The design at ground level will anchor the building – rather like the roots of a magnificent tree – embed it into its locale and compel the eye skywards. The hard and soft landscaping will meld together with the use of mature trees, palms and lush vegetation providing a design which welcomes and promotes an atmosphere of serenity and calm as residents and visitors arrive.

Connected Garden Areas

On the ninth floor, there will be a series of different garden areas, connected by the two towers, with differing characteristics and functions – formal, informal, leisure and business, dining and relaxing, private and open. Again, the design will blend the soft and hard landscaping to create a tranquil oasis against the backdrop of urban chic. The planting will scale the walls of the towers and blur the lines between the manmade and natural world.

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