The Doyle Group

Cameron Gardens undertook the Doyle Group’s brief to create smart, eye-catching and sophisticated urban spaces for their three London hotels – The Kensington, The Bloomsbury and The Marylebone – appropriate to and enhancing of this prestigious boutique hotel collection. While each hotel boasts the same understated, luxurious feel, each exhibits an individual charm and character of its own, reflective of their differing localities. Whether using dramatic statement planters to add impact to an entrance foyer, or installing subtle and atmospheric artificial planting for tranquil hotel dining or planting colourful seasonal flowers in window boxes to enliven a façade, Cameron Gardens was able to draw on multiple schemes to achieve the desired effects. Outside terraces are soothing and intimate with green walls, ferns, ceramic pots and buxus planters to cordon private zones. While all three hotels enjoy prime locations in central London, they each provide a relaxing sanctuary for guests to escape to.

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