Whitehall Entertaining Garden

Grade II Whitehall Family Townhouse

This unique Grade-II listed property is undergoing a complete renovation to provide a 12-bedroom residential property. The exterior of the building retains much of its original Lutyens’ design and the interior will have some of the house’s historical interiors reinstated, updated to reflect the 21st lifestyle. Cameron will create planting plans that are refined and decorative, reflective of the opulent, luxurious interior design palette.

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Ground Floor Courtyard

The courtyard will become an extension of the property, blending both contemporary and traditional design elements. As it is enclosed by 5-6 storey buildings, we will need to introduce both volume and impact to counteract this. A magnificent large specimen tree will be striking and work with the architectural splendour. Tiered planters of different heights and sizes will also gently break up the vertical planes of the space.


Seating areas will be set within and around the raised planters, hugged by soft green foliage, creating outdoor ‘snugs’. A combination of evergreen and perennial planting will be interwoven with structural forms and trees.  Clusters of planters, using different plant forms, shapes and orientations, will maximize the space while harmonising the different areas. Suspended planting or wiring of the walls with cascading soft planting will break up the harsher angular elements within the courtyard.

Light Wells

There are two sunken light wells to the east and west corners which allow ample light to penetrate the basement levels. We will produce a dramatic and atmospheric planting scheme to accentuate the space through the subtle use of texture, colour and seasonality. The planting will provide a soft outlook when viewed from above, as well as from within the property.

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