This timeless garden belongs to a Liz Earle studio and is also part of a communal garden with each property having their own individual space

In keeping with the Liz Earle Wellbeing company ethos, this garden has been designed using natural, organic shapes and forms with an emphasis on wildlife, scents and sustainability. The space also blends comfortably with the communal garden, replicating its planting and a pretty meandering gravel path links with the whole.

While the garden needs to reflect the brand for photo shoots, it is also used for office downtime too, so is adaptable for both living and filming. The planting is reminiscent of an English country garden with soft and natural palettes, using drifts of colour and seasonal interest. Visually it needs to capture interest both outside and from inside too as the garden is the backdrop for shoots from the studio.


Garden design, installation and project management, garden maintenance.


Battersea, London