A planting installation inspired by exotic Sri Lanka creates a far-flung Garden of Eden

This installation has been inspired by the travels of British writer Leonard Woolf and this riot of exotic, sensuous colour is comprised of indigenous Sri Lankan plants giving the feel of an overgrown tropical greenhouse.

Sri Lanka has a proliferation of flora due to its unique blend of the tropical and cooler climate, and silk foliage stems have been used to create the luscious overgrown feel of the space. Banana and plantain form the backdrop as they are the most abundant fruit crop of the country, with bambusoideaeand howea forsteriana adding extra foliage. Bursts of heavenly colour are added with orchidaceae and the beautiful, pale blue flower of the passiflora can be picked out.

Diners would be forgiven for feeling as if they had been transported to some far-flung Garden of Eden.


Garden design, Installation, Garden maintenance